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Message from the Mayor

Across the nation, we are having a long overdue conversation about race and policing in America. Racism is structural and institutional, and it is incumbent on us to eliminate it in all its forms. As Mayor, when I say “Black Lives Matter,” I must also acknowledge the outcry we have heard from the community to act locally to reform our police department. In June, I announced a series of actions to begin to improve the make-up of our police department, change our policing policies and procedures, and engage our residents so that reforms would be significantly informed by the community. This City of Racine Police Reform Report includes the detailed recommendations from the Mayor's Task Force on Police Reform, as well as the key findings from the community engagement efforts we conducted over the summer. I greatly appreciate the thoughtful work of the Task Force members, and the candid feedback we received from our residents.

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Mayor's Task Force

The Mayor’s Task Force will be charged with reviewing the police department’s use of force policies and deciding if and how we should create a Citizen Review Board to investigate complaints against the police department. This Task Force will have 90 days to report out their recommendations. The Mayor’s Task Force will be made up of 8 members of the community and the Mayor. The Mayor is appointing the following community members to serve on this Task Force: Carl Fields, Danielle Johnson, Chuck Tyler, Pastor Earnest Ni’A, County Board Supervisor Fabi Maldonado, State Representative Greta Neubauer, Wally Rendon, and Yolanda Blair. All of the past Task Force meetings can be viewed live on the Mayor's Facebook page.

Past Task Force Meetings: Task Force Meeting #1, Task Force Meeting #2, Task Force Meeting #3, Task Force Meeting #4, Task Force Meeting #5

Community Conversations in Police Reform

We held four virtual Community Conversations to hear from City residents about their experiences with policing in Racine, and their ideas and vision for the future of policing in our City. Thanks to all who participated in these engaging virtual conversations!


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Mayor Cory Mason

Creating Transparency In Our Policing Policies

Now, more than ever, the City of Racine and the Racine Police strive for strong, trusting community relations. This entails continued accountability, training, policies and practices. It also requires strong leadership and transparency – allowing and establishing a community of peace. Together, we can continue to build a unified, safe City of Racine for all.

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